[Archery] Turns out I don’t suck

I’ve only done 4 real sessions at archery so far and I’m already half way towards my first badge. My club operates something called the 252 scheme. Starting at 20 yards (so not very far at all) you shoot 3 dozen arrows and if you average 7 per arrow you get a score of 252. Achieve this on 2 separate scored sessions and you get your badge. It’s designed as a beginner scheme as a 7 average at the shorter distances is not that hard.

Whilst I’ve only had one officially scored try I have kept score myself on the two sessions before that. The first one I managed to shoot 284 at 20 yards and the next session I managed 290 at 20 yards and then 252 @ 30 yards (this was my first attempt at shooting 30 yards at all). Obviously when actually scoring things didn’t go so well and I only managed a 270 @ 20 yards.
What I’ve learned so far is that consistency is the key, I’ve always considered archery to be similar to golf in that respect. It’s you against the target and it comes down to repeating exactly the same movement again and again. I really haven’t managed that yet. At the short distances I’m shooting it’s easy enough to hit the target without being consistent. That said I did have some context last session when some of the other beginner archers were struggling to hit the target every time. I’ve still so much to learn and so far to go but it’s great that there is a way of achieving goals so early on in my learning.
I’m still really impressed by the coaching I’m receiving at the club. Every session I’m having specific areas for improvement and discussion on drills and exercises to target specific problems. Once I’ve got my 252 at 20 yards I think I’m going to ask for a training plan. I’d really like to get a handle on it early so I don’t develop too many bad habits.


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