[Archery] Turns out I don’t suck

I’ve only done 4 real sessions at archery so far and I’m already half way towards my first badge. My club operates something called the 252 scheme. Starting at 20 yards (so not very far at all) you shoot 3 dozen arrows and if you average 7 per arrow you get a score of 252. Achieve this on 2 separate scored sessions and you get your badge. It’s designed as a beginner scheme as a 7 average at the shorter distances is not that hard.

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[Archery] Well that was quick

My wife and her friends were all part of the archery club together whilst at university and she has wanted to get back into shooting for as long as I’ve known her. She’s made several attempts to start again but there are long waiting lists for the clubs around Reading which have always gotten in the way. Recently though we got in touch with Crowthorn Archers who are open to new members and were happy for us to come and have a look.

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