[Health] Still Fat

I recently posted about why I thought i was overweight (like really overweight) and some of the issues around it. Whilst I know that most people I know are lovely I was still expecting some sort of negative response from it.

I’m happy to report that this didn’t happen, I did receive lots of positive support and people sharing similar battles. They wee all really helpful, thank you.

I also wanted to update you all that my pessimism about the NHS had been unfounded, a few day ago I received my referral letter to see a bariatric Doctor. I do have to wait until January but a few months is not that big a deal if it gets me the help I need. This should hopefully set me up with a multi-professional team to help me. From my understanding it includes training, nutrition, behavioural and psychological support. Hopefully this will be the thing that finally allows me to get a handle on my weight loss.

I’ll let you know



[Health] Why I’m so fat

I’ve been considering trying to tackle the issue of why I struggle with my weight so much for ages, it’s something I’ve always avoided as I know the response will be “just eat less and exercise more fatty” which is the current mind-set around weight management. Don’t get me wrong I’m fully aware that to lose weight I need to eat less and exercise more, I get that but the issues are way more complicated than that.

Tl:dr – I can’t do this myself but thenhelp I need isn’t available.

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