[HEMA] Is the devil in the detail?

One thing I have yet to see in my short relationship with HEMA is discussions on the importance of getting body positions perfect. I think a lot of this is down to my expectations coming from a sport that places a huge importance on body position. Everything from the angle of your foot being slightly wrong to your shoulder being slightly dipped could be critical. I was taught to watch my opponent for these slight tells to let me know where they were going, or that they were tired and it could be exploited, or just that they had a bad habit that would expose them to something. Or it could be that it’s really not as important as I think it is so no one really puts much time into it. Most importantly I can’t sleep so thought I’d write something.  Continue reading “[HEMA] Is the devil in the detail?”


[HEMA] I’ll get my coat

I have yet to find a decent HEMA jacket that fits my needs, there are many fine HEMA and fencing jackets on the market but none of them are quite right for me. Obviously the most sensible solution is to just design one from scratch, right? Whilst I’ve made various clothes in the past and am quite good at making things out of leather this will be my first jacket. As with all good projects it’s important to set your requirements at the beginning so you know what you are working towards. Continue reading “[HEMA] I’ll get my coat”

[HEMA] The Traditional Martial Arts Warm Up

You know the Traditional Marital Arts Warm Up (TMAWU)? The one that starts with some running around or other cardio, it will then probably include some static stretching and maybe some dynamic stretching and then finishes with some form of conditioning. It usually takes about 20-30 minutes and it’s the way most of us will have warmed up at the beginning of most of the sporting or martial activities we’ve done. We all got taught at school that this is the correct way to warm up to keep us “safe” and to stop us from injuring ourselves from tearing something. Yea that warm up, I really hate it.

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[HEMA] Ilkka Hartikainen Sidesword Seminar

While back we were asked who we would like School of the Sword to try and bring over for seminars. For me there was one name that jumped out straight away and that was Ilkka. I’ve loved his videos and I’ve been very excited to get a look at the system he is developing for bolognaise fighting. Once again the SotS team managed to make it happen (much love to you all) and it was a real treat. Continue reading “[HEMA] Ilkka Hartikainen Sidesword Seminar”

[HEMA] Lets do that again

Wow, just wow. I’m truly stunned by the amount of people who read my silly little post and went out of their way to respond to it. Whilst I obviously have a secret desire for millions of people to read what I have written and declare me the greatest writer ever in reality I mostly write for a mix of my amusement and to help me shape my thoughts and ideas. I always found writing about something can help me give it a better shape in my head. In this case as well it gets questioned by people with different knowledge and experience to myself. I’ve always believed that all ideas should be questioned and I very grateful to everyone who made such great points. It genuinely has help change my views on the topic and I feel I need to write a follow up piece.

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[HEMA] Tis but a flesh wound

This post has come about thanks to a conversation at FightCamp 2016 after the nylon backsword tournament. We were talking about some of the competitors only using gloves and a mask as safety equipment, this is a really long way from the level of safety equipment we use where I train when even just doing a slow speed flow drill. I raised the point that whilst there was a slight chance of a serious injury the reality is that it’s a pretty safe. The general feeling was that this was not true due to the risk of a broken bone. Continue reading “[HEMA] Tis but a flesh wound”

[HEMA] Team Fighting Championships (yes it’s a terrible name)

I’ve been pondering how to make a viable marketable format for HEMA that keeps as much as possible to the roots of the activity/sport/hobby. In reality I do not have the time or the money to go about setting something like this up and it’s really just something to think about when I’ve nothing better to do. The reason why I think a marketable format would be a good thing is that it could rise interest, drive kit development and attract sponsorship. The merits (or lack of) behind these things are something to discuss at another point so for now I’ll get to the mechanics of how it would work

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