[HEMA] Lets do that again

Wow, just wow. I’m truly stunned by the amount of people who read my silly little post and went out of their way to respond to it. Whilst I obviously have a secret desire for millions of people to read what I have written and declare me the greatest writer ever in reality I mostly write for a mix of my amusement and to help me shape my thoughts and ideas. I always found writing about something can help me give it a better shape in my head. In this case as well it gets questioned by people with different knowledge and experience to myself. I’ve always believed that all ideas should be questioned and I very grateful to everyone who made such great points. It genuinely has help change my views on the topic and I feel I need to write a follow up piece.

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[HEMA] Tis but a flesh wound

This post has come about thanks to a conversation at FightCamp 2016 after the nylon backsword tournament. We were talking about some of the competitors only using gloves and a mask as safety equipment, this is a really long way from the level of safety equipment we use where I train when even just doing a slow speed flow drill. I raised the point that whilst there was a slight chance of a serious injury the reality is that it’s a pretty safe. The general feeling was that this was not true due to the risk of a broken bone. Continue reading “[HEMA] Tis but a flesh wound”

[Coaching] My Coaching, Training and Educational Background

This is really just going to be for reference, I plan on making some post about coaching and this is just to give those post some credibility. This doesn’t mean I think I know everything about coaching, just that I’ve a lot of experience and that there may be some things I’ve learned over the years that others may find helpful.

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[Archery] Well that was quick

My wife and her friends were all part of the archery club together whilst at university and she has wanted to get back into shooting for as long as I’ve known her. She’s made several attempts to start again but there are long waiting lists for the clubs around Reading which have always gotten in the way. Recently though we got in touch with Crowthorn Archers who are open to new members and were happy for us to come and have a look.

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[HEMA] Team Fighting Championships (yes it’s a terrible name)

I’ve been pondering how to make a viable marketable format for HEMA that keeps as much as possible to the roots of the activity/sport/hobby. In reality I do not have the time or the money to go about setting something like this up and it’s really just something to think about when I’ve nothing better to do. The reason why I think a marketable format would be a good thing is that it could rise interest, drive kit development and attract sponsorship. The merits (or lack of) behind these things are something to discuss at another point so for now I’ll get to the mechanics of how it would work

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[LARP] Hit me baby one more time

After much consideration I have decided to include LARP related posts sometimes when the need arises. For my first post I want to talk about the idea of roleplaying your hits every time you get touched by a weapon.

One the face of it this sounds like a simple and good idea. A sword running across your arm, or cutting your fingers is going to hurt. Like hurt a lot. In reality (and I’m fully aware we’re not fighting in reality but in a game) it doesn’t take that much contact from a weapon to cause you a significant amount of damage so every time someone touches you with a weapon you should react to it. This is the view that a lot of people hold but I would like to put forward an alternative view for your consideration.

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